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Samhain 2005

art by Zabet Stewart

Letter from the Editrices

If anyone is interested in what the hell we're doing, this would be the thing to read.

Technique: Wire Knitting

Learn something new.

Project Details
Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Heart Shaped Box
MoonPrincess RavenDark
Finally, a place to store all your industrial love trinkets.

Skeleton & Skin
Scoutmaster Euclid
First, build a skeleton using your sewing skills. Next, knit an interchangeable skin.

Curse Your Boyfriend
MoonPrincess RavenDark
To remove boyfriend: Mix one handknit sweater with a generous dash of the appropriate runes. Serve cold.

Bad Juju
MoonPrincess RavenDark
Marie knitted effigies of the offending pair and set about exacting her revenge.

Eternal Embrace
Strong Intermediate
Something to wrap its arms around you and keep you warm.

Snowball's Chance in Hell
Strong Intermediate
Armwarmers with a morphing snowflake-to-skull design.

Ripe With Indecision & Mere Indecision
Strong Intermediate & MoonPrincess RavenDark
Which way to go? A zigzagging scarf with two variations.

Swamp Witch
Do You Want Fries With That?
The minnows entangled themselves in her hair, which wasn't so much like hair as it was Spanish Moss and lichen.

Flowers on a Grave
MoonPrincess RavenDark
Cold in the earth, and the deep snow piled above thee! Far, far removed, cold in the dreary grave!


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