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Direct comments, complaints, suggestions to your garbage can. This zine has been defunct for over a decade; we will not be reading your emails.

Who We Were

AntiCraft Staff

Zabet Stewart
Wearer of the Funny Hat of Responsibility

Anthony Ascione
Seamstry, Knit, & Pan-Craftia Editor
Don of the Crafting Mafia

Edith Helbert
Crochet, Knit, & Pan-Craftia Editor
Professional Nitpicker

Rebecca Garcia
Crochet & Pan-Craftia Editor
String Theorist

Raellyn Hatter
Cuisine & Pan-Craftia Editor
Reine des Pâtisseries and Mahaguru of Craft

Carin Huber
Crochet & Pan-Craftia Editor
Bean Sidhe of Beads

Janis Neville
Unraveller of Ravelry & Copy Editor
Harbinger of Doom and Sliced Bread

Official Auxiliary

Philip Castlen
Bad Trip Specialist

Helen Apocalypse
Stitch Witch

Sarah Hood
Hat Trick Crafter

Hat Trick Crafter

Erssie Major
Hat Trick Crafter

Matt Rigdon (d.)

Occasional Art Ninja

Renée Rigdon
Former Partner in Crime

Robyn Wade
Hat Trick Crafter



Much love and appreciation to the hardworking editors, who always went above and beyond. Zabet couldn't have done this without them, and we couldn't have done it without our core group of repeat designers. Special thanks to our families, who took quite a bit of shit from us once a quarter. And, of course, thanks to you for coming back each time. We still don't understand why you like us, but we're not going to complain.


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