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the AntiCraft

Legalities, Explained


Creative Commons
Starting in October 2008, every project will have a Creative Commons license assigned to it. The type of license is chosen by the designer; please abide by the license as written or contact the designer directly if you have questions about copyright. Projects posted before October 2008 will be retrofitted with CC licenses as we are able to get to them. In the meanwhile, any project without a CC license graphic at the bottom can be assumed to be working under our old copyright license, which is outlined below.

Free Personal Use
Worship our designers, as they hold the original copyrights to all projects featured on theAntiCraft.com. It is only through their good graces that said projects are provided here, free for personal use. You may download or print a copy, keep it on your computer or in a notebook, and create as many copies or variations on that project as you like providing the use is personal. Personal use includes creating a project to give to someone as a gift but does not go so far as to cover selling the finished project or donating the finished project to raise money for a charity. For these issues, you must contact the designer, and work out an agreement with him or her.

Personal use does not include distribution. Please direct any intended distributees to theAntiCraft.com, where they may obtain their own project instructions for personal use.

You will notice that (thus far) there are no advertisements on theAntiCraft.com. This is because we hate them, and apparently prefer to be poor. Therefore, retribution is not limited to the use of a lawyer to argue our case before the courts. It will likely include instead the unleashing of hell hounds to destroy you, forced ingestion of Spam® while you sleep, or having your car keyed. Infringe upon our designers' copyright at your own peril.


We are not responsible for any karmic retribution you may endure from any of the more morally ambiguous projects. We have made them ourselves for shits and giggles and managed to not harm anyone, therefore we know it's possible. Use some common sense. If that fails you, consider karma, the Wiccan Rede (or Rule of Three), the Golden Rule, or - as a last resort - My Name Is Earl.

We do not endorse the actual watching of television as a pastime, even though it is referenced above. Watch television at your own risk.

Please do not set fire to anything in our name. Thank you.

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