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Samhain 2005

Skeleton & Skin

First, build a skeleton using your sewing skills. Next, knit an interchangeable skin. Part 1 in a series of 4 skins. [Editrix's note: series was discontinued.]

"There are cemeteries that are lonely,
graves full of bones that do not make a sound, the heart moving through a tunnel, in it darkness, darkness, darkness, like a shipwreck we die going into ourselves, as though we were drowning inside our hearts, as though we lived falling out of the skin into the soul."
- Pablo Neruda

by Renée Rigdon


AntiCraft SuperStar
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Finished Measurements



Skeleton Schematics (pdf format; large and easy to read)


  • .5 yard outer fabric
  • .5 yard lining fabric
  • .5 yard heavy weight fusible interfacing (like Craft Fuse)
  • Purchased purse handles with at least a 3" flat surface to attach to bag (see photo for example)
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat OR scissors
  • Sewing machine or the patience to sew by hand
  • 16 buttons (.5" diameter)

Cut Chart

Number of Cuts
Sizes Outer Fabric Lining Fabric Interfacing
large sides of bag
2 2 2
gussets of bag
2 2 2
bottom of bag
1 1 1
handle strips
2 0 0
general pocket
0 1 0
pencil pocket
0 1 0

Pattern Notes

Unless otherwise noted, all seam allowances are .5".

Directions for Skeleton
(skip down to directions for Skin)

1. Cut out bag pieces per cut chart.

2. Fuse interfacing according to product directions to corresponding outer fabric pieces.

3. Mark dots on each 10"x8" outer fabric/interfacing piece on the interfacing side according to figure A.

4. Fold down top 1" of each pocket, right sides together. Seam fold down along each vertical edge with .25" seams according to figure B.

Turn pockets right sides out, press, stitch fold down across raw horizontal edge. Press in .25" allowance around unseamed edges of pocket.

5. Pin pockets to right sides of lining fabric of large bag sides according to Figure Ca and Cb. Stitch in place close to edges of pocket to capture pressed seam allowances.

6. For lining: Seam short sides of gussets to short sides of bag bottom to form one long strip as in Figure D. Attach large sides of bag to the long strip making sure the pockets open upwards.

7. Outer bag. Work as for lining, but use outer fabric and make sure that dots on large sides of bag are on the unseamed top edge.

8. Fold handle strips in half, right sides together to create two 5"x 3 .25" rectangles. Seam along 5" edge, turn, and press.

9. Fold handle strips over purchased rigid handles and stitch as closely to the handles as possible to keep the strips from slipping.

10. Nest bag and bag lining together, right sides together. Stitch them together, leaving openings between the dots on the outer bag. Turn and press.

11. Center handle strips in openings, pin in place, and top stitch around upper edge of bag, securing handles in place and creating a nice finished edge.

12. Sew buttons to bag's upper edge according to figure E.


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(skip up to directions for Skeleton)

by Renée Rigdon


MoonPrincess RavenDark
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Finished Measurements

Measurements go here.


  • Araucania Nature Wool [100% wool; 242 yds/221m per 35oz/100g skein]; color: shade 30 (navy blue), 2 skeins.
  • US 4/3.5mm needle


5.5 sts per inch in stockinette

Directions for Skin
(skip up to directions for Skeleton)

Bag Gussets: (make 2)

CO 19sts, knit in stst for 6" ending with a WS row. Knit in 1x1 rib for 3 rows.

Buttonhole bind of row: (P1, K1) twice, P1, BO 2, (K1, P1) twice, BO 2, (K1, P1) twice

Buttonhole cast on row: (K1, P1) twice, K1, CO 2, (P1, K1) twice, P1, CO 2, (K1, P1) twice, K1.

Work 3 more rows 1x1 rib. BO all sts.

Bag Front/Back: (make 2)

Cast on 51 sts.

Knit in stst for 6" ending with a WS row. Knit in 1x1 rib for 3rows.

Buttonhole bind of row: (P1, K1) twice, BO 2, [(K1, P1) 2x, k1, BO 2] twice, (K1, P1) three times, BO 2, [(P1, K1) 2x, P1, BO 2] twice, end p1, k1, p1.

Buttonhole cast on row: (K1, P1) twice, CO 2, [(K1, P1) 3x, CO 2] twice, (K1, P1) three times, K1, CO 2, [(P1, K1) 3x, CO 2] twice, (P1, K1) twice.

Work 3 more rows 1x1 rib. BO.

Bottom of bag.

Cast on 51 sts. Knit in stockinette for 3". BO.


Seam all pieces of bag with wrong sides facing so a seam ridge will form on the right sides of the finished bag. Weave in ends.

If buttonholes seem loose on the Skeleton's buttons, crochet a slip stitch around each hole to add stability


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