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Beltane 2007
Project Name

Zabet Stewart (photo)
(click image to enlarge)

Craft Challenge Winner:
Fetus Coin Purse

In real life, a 10-week fetus is 3/4 of an inch long and weighs half an ounce. That would not hold much change, so this knitted version has been enlarged.

by Sarah Hood

Suggested Listening

"Will The Fetus Be Aborted"
by Dead Kennedys


MoonPrincess RavenDark
Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Finished Measurements

7" long, excluding umbilical cord.


  • 2 oz. fetus-colored chunky yarn
  • Scraps of white yarn
  • Optional blood vessels in umbilical cord:
    • Scraps of blue and red yarn
  • US 6 (4mm) 14" straight or circular needles
  • Tapestry needle
  • Sewing needle
  • Coordinating fetus-colored thread
  • 7" zipper

Project Notes

You will be using needles several sizes smaller than the yarn ordinarily calls for to make a sturdier fabric. Do not stress about this pattern, if you are missing a stitch here or there it does not matter. Should your fetus be slightly off, this will merely add to the creepy factor and can be attributed to the decaying process as a 10-week fetus cannot live outside of its human host.


12sts x 16 rows = 4"



Cast on 100 (preferably using a knitted cast on)

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl and bind off 6, p to end of row
Row 3: Knit and bind off 6, k34, (m1, k1)20 times, k to end of row (108 sts)
Row 4: Bind off 4, p to end of row
Row 5: Bind off 4, k30, (m1, k2) 20 times, k to end of row (120 sts)
Row 6: sl1, p89, turn, sl1, k59, turn, sl1, p to end of row
Row 7: sl1, k50, (m1, k2)10 times, k to end of row (130)
Row 8: Purl and bind off 5, p 70, turn, sl1, k29, turn, sl1, p to end of row
Row 9: Knit and bind off 5, k to end of row (120)
Row 10: Purl and bind off 5, p to end of row
Row 11: Knit and bind off 5, k 21, k2tog 3 times, (k2tog, k4)9 times, k2tog 4 times, k to end of round (94 sts)
Row 12: sl1, p69, turn, s1, k45, turn, sl1, p to end of round
Row 13: sl1, k 21, k2tog 3 times, (k2tog, k4)twice, k2tog 7 times, (k4, k2tog)twice, k2tog 3 times, k to end of row (80 sts)
Row 14: p40, place the needles together so the purl side faces out and do a three needle bind off. Seam the remaining edges together up to the last 8 stitches.

Attach Zipper:

Project Name

Zabet Stewart (photo)
click image to enlarge

On the opposite side place the zipper centrally, sew it in place and seam the remaining edges. To give the fetus a crescent shape use thread or yarn to gather sections together on the sides opposite the zipper.


Cast on 16, knit, bind off. Attach by the middle to the chest of the fetus.

Umbilical cord:

Knit a 3 stitch i-cord for 12-14 inches and bind off. Attach to the midpoint of the fetus.

Optional Umbilical Vessels:

Loosely braid 2 16" pieces of blue yarn and one 16" piece of red yarn together. Thread these through the center of the umbilical cord for biologic authenticity.

Creepy Eyes:

These can be made with whatever you have handy. You can needle felt them, embroider them with a french knot, or draw them on with a marker.


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