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Beltane 2008

Literature: Pork Poet's Corner

Ode to Bacon

by Renée Rigdon

You are my greatest joy
Be you pork or be you soy
When I have you, oh boy, oh boy
Bacon dear, you are my joy

Full of flavor, maple cured
Every bite, my taste buds lured
While sausage's false, bacon's true
Oh bacon, dear, I love you.

Oh that unrequited love of bacon
It's a broken heart in the makin'
I'd give it my soul, I'd give all of me
But bacon is takin' no love, from me

Bacon's the meat that don't love back
It's three pounds of fat and a heart attack.
They say you've got cholesterol
But Pass the plate, and screw it all

Bacon I know your love is lost
At four bucks a pound, a hefty cost
But love me or not, you'll always be mine
Because in the pan, I've got you fry'n'

Trek of the Piglets

by Kerridwen Kali

the piggies march
march, piggies, march
on toward
the rotating blades
your shrieks
and squeals
will only make
the bacon sweeter
the screams of
my sisters
in the times of burning
echo in your death-cries
when i eat my blt
will i be eating
them as well?


by Renée Rigdon

I am
In this moment

My dearest friend

But for you
And this moment
And this slab
Of maple-cured bacon

Death would be too sweet

My triglycerides are high.
My triglycerides are high.



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