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Beltane 2008

Issue the Eleventh: Unclean
by Zabet Stewart

You know, there comes a time when even I pause and wonder, "What the hell was I thinking?"

This is not that time.

I know what I was thinking. I know exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking that bacon was a salty, crispy wonder of the world. I was thinking that bacon was a little like Mata Hari, seductive and delicious at first glance but actually devious and dangerous. I was thinking, "Cholesterol, schmolesterol." I was also thinking, at least while standing in the bacon section of the local grocery anyway, "I may just need to become a vegetarian."

In true AntiCraft fashion, the tech editors went nuts. Seriously. You should see these people. I toss out a casual idea and they are like piranhas devouring a cow. (Keep your toes out of the water, and expect to find an ossuary-worthy chandelier when the churning stops.)

Check out the projects with an open mind. We think you'll find that as the intersection of construction and cuisine, craft is a natural backdrop for bacon.

If you've not seen the awesome winners for the Vlad the Impaler Hat contest* yet, be sure to pop on over to the blog and do so. They are quite stunning!

Also, you've probably also noticed that the issue marker graphic ("Beltane 2008") at the top of the page is unexpectedly orange. The AntiCraft has decided to support in hopes that the media attention currently on the state of affairs in Tibet stays in the forefront during the Olympics this year. Frankly, it's disgusting the way mainstream media chases stories and discards things that have become "boring," such as the genocide in Darfur, the violent dictatorship in Burma, and the Iraq war, where we don't even care enough to make official counts of the numbers of Iraqis killed. I hate to sound like a bumper sticker, folks, but if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Sorry to get all serious. The bacon will make you feel better. Magical, magical bacon.

Oh yeah, we milked Mr. Wells' review for all it was worth. Wait, this implies that it was worth a couple of awesome hats, and we all know the Angstylvanian shekel (AV∑) hasn't fallen sharply against the Punk Has-Been tarnished pound (PHB£t, better known as PHB#).


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