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Evelyn Evelyn
updated 8/16/2011

Have you seen my sister, Evelyn? Dang she's gone and wandered off again!

design, execution, and photos by Helen Apocalypse

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Loose Woman
Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Finished Measurements

Varies depending on size of stitches. ~6"/15cm tall.


  • DK-weight yarn scraps, 10yd/9.1m (or less) each of:
    - pale pink (or other flesh tone)
    - black
    - Main Color (MC): hot pink (or other dress color)
  • Size B (UK size 13, or 2.5mm) crochet hook (or whatever size gives you a good, tight amigurumi fabric)
  • Fiberfill
  • 4 10mm black safety eyes
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scrap ribbon, lace, or leather in color(s) to coordinate with dress


N/A for amigurumi.

Design Notes

US terminology is used for all instructions. (Click for US to UK conversions.)

Everything is worked in a spiral (except where noted). Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of rounds, if you don't want to count obsessively. My general amigurumi tips are here. This is a fairly advanced amigurumi.

Kudos to Kiki and Her First Outfit for providing inspiration, and some increases.

Special Stitches
Magic Ring - best explained over at


Heads: (Make 2)

Evelyn detail of Hair and Flowers.

Rnd1: With pale pink, sc 8 into a magic ring
Rnd 2: *sc, inc* around (12 sts)
Rnd 3: *sc, inc* around (18)
Rnd 4: *sc, inc* around (27)
Rnd 5: *sc 2, inc* around (36)
Rnds 6-10: Sc around
Rnd 11: *sc 2, dec* around (27)
Rnd 12: Sc around (if you're using safety eyes, you'll want to attach them now before the neck hole gets too small)
Rnd 13: *sc, dec* around (18)
Rnd 14: *sc, dec* around (12; stuff head with fiberfill)
Rnd 15-16: Sc around
Rnd 17: *sc 2, inc* around (16)
Rnd 18: Inc every st around (32)
Fasten off.

Head Joining:

With heads upside down and with the fronts facing you, join pale pink yarn, ch1 and sc6 to join heads together. Your yarn should magically be in the right place to start working the body (i.e. at the middle of the twins' back).


Rnd 19: Sc around (52 sts)
Rnd 20: Change to MC, work around
Rnd 21: *sc 3, inc* to end (65)
Rnd 22: *sc 14, dec* around, sc 1 (61; this rnd sets up your decreases for the body. On the following six rnds, if you make sure to decrease on top of the decrease on the previous rnd, you can avoid having to count)
Rnd 23: Sc 1, *sc 13, dec* around (57)
Rnd 24: *sc 12, dec* around, sc 1 (53)
Rnd 25: Sc 1, *sc 11, dec* around (49)
Rnd 26: *sc 10, dec* around, sc 1 (45)
Rnd 27: Sc 1, *sc 9, dec* around (41)
Rnd 28: *sc 8, dec* around, sc 1 (37)
Rnd 29: *sc, inc* around, dec (54) (make sure you've got the right number of stitches for this rnd. If you haven't, you'll have a harder time attaching the legs. Fudge if necessary).
Rnds 30-33: Sc around
Fasten off. Stuff with fiberfill and set the heads-and-body piece aside for now.

Legs: (Make 3)

Rnd 1: With black, sc 8 into magic ring
Rnd 2: *sc, inc* around (12 sts)
Rnds 3-4: Sc around
Rnds 5-6: With MC, sc around
Rnds 7-8: With black, sc around
Rnds 9-10: With MC, sc around
Rnd 11: With black, sc around
Rnd 12: With black, *sc, inc* around (18)
Rnds 13-14: With MC, sc around
Rnds 15-16: With black, sc around
Rnds 17-18: With pale pink, sc around.
Fasten off and stuff with fiberfill.

Joining the Legs to the Torso:

With MC and with Evelyn and Evelyn upside down, sc into back loop of the body stitches and both loops of the leg stitches to join them together. Repeat around until all three legs are attached to the torso. Make sure the stocking seams go down the back of the twins' legs. If you're struggling with this part you can sew the legs to the body, but crocheting them together looks neater.

Skirt Frill:

With MC, continue SCing around the body in the front loops of the stitches of the joining row. Sl st to join. Fasten off.

Arms: (Make 2)

I worked the arms in rounds rather than in a spiral in order to get the stripes to match up better. Feel free to do them in a spiral if you prefer, just omit the ch 1s/sl sts.

Rnd 1: With pale pink, ch 1, sc 10, sl st to join into magic ring
Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc around, sl st to join
Rnds 3-8: With black, ch 1, sc around, sl st to join.
Rnds 9-10: With pale pink, ch 1, sc around, sl st to join.
Rnd 11: With MC, ch 1, sc in back loop around, sl st to join. (You'll use the front loops later on to attach the sleeve frill.)
Rnd 12: Ch 1, inc around, sl st to join
Rnds 13-14: Ch 1, sc around, sl st to join. Stuff arm (with pokey thing if necessary).
Next Rnds: Dec every st until hole is closed up.
Fasten off.

Sleeve Frill: (Make 2)

Attaching MC yarn, ch 1, inc around, sl st to close into the front loops of round 11 on each arm. Fasten off.

Hair: (Make 2)

With black, work Rnds 1-6 as per Head, above.
You will now start working in rows.
Rows 7-17: Turn work, ch 1, sc 24
Edging: Sc around entire edge of hair.
Fasten off, sew to head with black yarn and tapestry needle.

Hair Flowers: (Make 2)

With MC, *ch3, sc* x 5 into magic ring. Sl st to join.
Fasten off, sew to hair

Fashion and Finishing:

Evelyn variation. Stranded hair with black yarn and black lace skirt.

Evelyns are wearing AFP's trademark striped stockings and vintage attire: leather chokers and a lace waist cincher. Use your imagination!


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