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Mini-Issue the Fourth: Kiss Off (Into the Eire)
by Zabet Stewart

Welcome to the fourth mini-issue* of The AntiCraft!

This was a collab project that actually came together in 2009, but I never felt like there was an AntiCraft issue where it would be a good fit. Erssie was up to her eyeballs in knots, I was obsessed with making cross stitch alphabets, and Helen told me she loved stitching things up because "it's like coloring for grown-ups." We came together in a perfect snarkstorm. Thankfully, the mini-issue format means we don't have to worry about every project fitting into an over-arching theme, because the project is the theme, and we can share it with you now.

We hope you enjoy this brash and cheeky tidbit as much as we enjoyed making it, which I realize is a pretty trite thing to say, but I swear I mean it. Also, if you don't know what "póg mo thóin" means, then fucking Google it already. It's 2012, people! Learn to search the internet for yourselves!


P.S. You can take my puns from me when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. (Oh ho ho, see what I did there?)

*If you are not yet familiar with the AntiCraft Mini-Issue concept: "So basically, a mini-issue is what happens when I get a bug up my ass about something and my brain just won't let it go. (Yes, my brain is in my ass.) It will probably feature a lot of different partners-in-crime. It is completely unplanned and makes no promises of regularity."


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