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Mini-Issue the First: Fiery Death
by Zabet Stewart

Welcome to the first mini-issue of The AntiCraft!

Look, I know that this is about a week late to the Charlie Sheen party, but you know what? I had a damn good time designing this thing, my Darling Helen did a damn good job stitching it, and I've got the pow-ah, so there you go.

So basically, a mini-issue is what happens when I get a bug up my ass about something and my brain just won't let it go. (Yes, my brain is in my ass.) It will probably feature a lot of different partners-in-crime. It is completely unplanned and makes no promises of regularity.

Oh, shut up, you know you love it.

And I love you, too.

P.S. Mucho thanks to the intoxicating cocktail that is Julie Jackson (aka Subversive Cross Stitch), Live the Sheen Dream, and Facebook. Without that special mix, this probably would have never happened.

P.P.S. With as many times as I've typed it today, I've finally learned to spell fiery correctly on the first try!


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