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Mini-Issue the Third: I Need A Motherfucking Space Heater
by Zabet Stewart

Welcome to the third mini-issue* of The AntiCraft!

If nerdiness isn't your thing, you'll want to skip this issue.

So I met this girl recently who is quite possibly the biggest Doctor Who fangirl I've ever met. (The funny part about writing that sentence is that I'm sure no less than four of my friends just thought, "Wait, is she talking about ME?" even though one is male.) She also has an incredibly sexy brain, and if I could pop it out of her skull without killing her, I'm pretty sure I'd make out with it. Wait, now I'm distracted... ok, point being, she thought these up and it was everything I could do to not jump her in the coffee shop when she told me about them. Then we made collaborative craftbabies and you get the benefit. You're welcome.


P.S. We have other Whovian collaborative craftbabies planned, too. Be excited!

P.S. For the record, my favorite Doctor was Tom Baker, though the reboot Doctors have all been excellent.

P.P.P.S. Guess what I've recently learnt to spell correctly on the first try? Maintenance! You may be jealous now. (Look, spelling is difficult for me. I'm not wired correctly. This is a BFD.)

*If you are not yet familiar with the AntiCraft Mini-Issue concept: "So basically, a mini-issue is what happens when I get a bug up my ass about something and my brain just won't let it go. (Yes, my brain is in my ass.) It will probably feature a lot of different partners-in-crime. It is completely unplanned and makes no promises of regularity."


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